Yoga and The Bees

Backed By Bees 6214 Appleby Line, Burlington, ON, Canada

Did you know that honey bees are not native to North America and were imported here? And yet they are responsible for pollinating most of our fruits and vegetables. This Yoga and The Bees session is a beautiful way to connect with yoga and nature. Join us for a 60-minute Gentle Hatha yoga class outside. […]


Inner Silence Retreat

Harmony Dawn Retreat Centre 800 Baxter Rd, Hastings, ON, Canada

Take full advantage of Canada's beautiful warmer seasons, INYE is excited to facilitate our Silent Retreat on July 5th-7th! Being in silence is not about shutting the world out, but opening yourself to the stillness of the inner world. When the surroundings are busy and distracting, it is more important to be reminded of stillness, […]


Restorative Yoga Training Oakville

Inye Yoga 300-2640 Bristol Cir, Oakville, ON, Canada

In this 65-hour restorative yoga training Oakville, you will learn how to use props, your voice, poses, and more to create an environment for yourself and students to move into deeper states of rest. When our restorative yoga practice nourishes this stillness and steadiness, it imbues into the rest of our life. This training contains […]

New Moon Yoga Nidra: Rest in the Altar of Your Heart

Inye Yoga 300-2640 Bristol Cir, Oakville, ON, Canada

Life can throw us many curveballs, hardships, and heartaches. We can tighten up, close off (trying to protect our heart), and become bitter and cynical. This disconnects us from our own heart and others. But there's another choice - to remain centred in love - to rest in the altar of your heart. The more […]