What is energy healing?

We are energy and energy pervades everything around us.

Our thoughts, experiences, and surroundings affect our energy. Energy can become stuck, stagnant, fragmented, or spin too much.

By clearing energy from your physical and energetic body, and amplifying or balancing your energy, you begin to see and feel clearer, more stable, and settled in your true essence.

With Energy Healing, you move into self-healing and increased well-being.

about reiki

energy healing reiki with crystals, sound healing and herbalism or tea
About Energy, Reiki, and how I Got into it

The things you see around you may appear solid (for instance a rock), but they are still energy. They are vibrating. It is energy at a certain frequency that takes a certain form. Energies can align with each other, called resonance (you can explore an article by the Scientific American that shares the latest research).

As Albert Eistein said: “Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another.” If everything is energy, this means energy can change or be influenced.

Ancient yogis and dedicated yogis of today learn to quiet the mind and become attuned to the energies within. We can use tools to help us change the energy within. When we change the energy within, this is then reflected externally. We make different choices in life (for instance, we are attracted to different partners and situations). And that energy is attracted to us (of the same frequency).

Reiki is an energy healing technique where we use gentle hand movements (placing our hands on you, above you, through distance healing, and/or with the use of symbols) to help guide the flow of universal energy. Reiki helps reduce stress, alleviate anxiety, and promotes relaxation and greater well-being.

As a child (in South Africa), I saw my grandmother lay her hands on a neighbour who was experiencing pain. I later studied massage therapy, where we would connect with the body’s innate healing abilities. One day, I saw my gran in a β€˜vision’, and I realized I was born into this bloodline for a reason. Practicing, studying, and teaching yoga, connecting with plant medicine, and providing energy healing (and/or reiki), I intuitively sense what a person needs in order to aid in the person’s own inner knowingness to bring ease and healing to their body, mind, and life. However, it is Energy that ultimately decides where true healing is needed.

Benefits of Energy Healing

Let's work together

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As you rest, I use energy healing and other modalities to aid in physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. The session takes place at an affiliate studio or your home.

Energy Healing Reiki in a Restorative yoga pose

Restorative Yoga and


Be held in supportive restorative yoga poses (with props) to add to the healing process. While in the poses, I will do energy healing. These sessions take place at an affiliate studio or your home.

energy healing and reiki with tibetan boal also includes distance healing

Healing through


This session takes place online (Zoom). Through self-inquiry, meditation, and energy healing (while in a restorative pose or lying down), you are held in a safe space for healing.

What to Expect in my energy healing sessions

Our session begins with self-inquiry to explore the root of what it is you wish to transform. We start by moving the body into a relaxed or easeful place and settle the mind (using my yoga background and breathing techniques). During the session, I may use sound frequencies with musical instruments like the didgeridoo, chimes, or tuning forks. I may also use crystals, and plant medicine (for instance, for cleansing, I may use mugwort, or to help with the heart wild rose). If guided, I will give you something to work on or incorporate after the session. Every session is unique and suited to what you need at the moment.

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