What is restorative yoga?

A practice that gives you space to remember your innate wholeness and well-being.

A Restorative Yoga class is a gentle and nurturing practice. We use props, such as bolsters, blocks, and blankets, to support the body in deep relaxation. Postures are held between 5 – 20 minutes to encourage the body and mind to experience peaceful surrender.

Restorative Yoga is very therapeutic. By evoking the relaxation response, it helps the body to rest, heal and restore itself. It brings more spaciousness to the mind and draws awareness inwards.

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How is Restorative Yoga different

Restorative Yoga is the opposite of Hatha and Vinyasa as it’s more passive.

Restorative Yoga differs from a Yin Yoga class. In Yin, we focus on getting into the connective tissue, and it helps with flexibility, and lubricating the joints. Minimal props are used. In Restorative Yoga, we don’t want to feel a stretch or strain anywhere in the body – we want the body to relax completely with the skillful use of many props. While both practices are beneficial in helping us slow down, Restorative Yoga is more passive than Yin and is better suited for those with injuries or needing to balance an already active and stressful lifestyle.

Restorative Yoga is different from a Gentle Yoga class in that there is not a lot of movement throughout the class. In an hour class, we may only do 4-6 poses; the only required movement is to move from one restorative pose to the next (we do not actively hold a pose as we do in a Gentle class or any other type of yoga class).

How I came to Restorative Yoga

Restorative Yoga provided me with a space of deep rest and healing.

I was introduced to Restorative Yoga in my first yoga teacher training by Nesta Falladown in 2007-2008. Nesta had trained with Judith Lasater and taught at Wellspring (Oakville) to those experiencing cancer or going through cancer treatment. I was fortunate to have picked up deep wisdom from her. She encouraged me to teach at Carpenter Hospice to those with life-limiting illnesses. At the time, I also taught Restorative Yoga at a local studio. When I opened my studio, I mainly taught Restorative to private clients.

When I closed my business, a part of my identity had been taken away, and I sat in the loud empty space of the end of something without knowing what the next step was. With Yoga Nidra and Restorative Yoga, I surrendered into this vast empty space and felt deep nurturance and comfort beyond words. This is what I infuse in my teachings.

Benefits of Restorative Yoga

What to Expect in my restorative classes

Each class starts with grounding and an awareness of the breath. Regulating the breath brings the mind to a place of more ease to allow for deep rest. Gentle movements, early in the practice, release tension in the body and any nervousness. We then move into the restorative poses. We start with poses that are shorter in length, with some sound healing (to ease the mind and body). By the end of class, we have prepared the body and mind to be supported in longer-held poses, inviting more spaciousness and silence.

There is an art in helping the body come to a place of relaxation, which allows us to take fuller breaths (stress causes our breath to be shallow and jagged, affecting our body and mind). The skillful use of props and body positioning helps to relieve tension in commonly held spaces in the body, for instance, the neck, diaphragm, and psoas (it’s not just about lying on a bolster, but observing where your body is holding tension and how to add more props to suit you).

I also bring in other techniques to help activate the vagus nerve to aid in relaxation and guided relaxation techniques to help the body and mind settle.

A safe and nurturing space is created for you to look after yourself.

Let's work together

Energy Healing Reiki in a Restorative yoga pose

Reiki and restorative


Be held in supportive restorative yoga poses (with props) to add to the healing process. While in the poses, I will do energy healing. Regular classes take place at an affiliate studio. Private sessions are also available. 

energy healing with reiki symbol and tibetan bowl

Restorative & Sound healing


As you rest in a restorative yoga pose, be soothed by a beautiful sound healing journey. With sound, the mind becomes still, and you move into the vibration. Different frequencies are used to aid in your healing journey.

restorative yoga in reclined pose and savasana supported by bolster and props with eye cover

Restorative Yoga Teacher


Learn how to use props, your voice, poses, and more to create an environment for yourself and students to move into deeper states of rest. Let your restorative practice nourish stillness and steadiness in your life.

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