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welcome to Rituals & Rest

A Space to Awaken to the Sacred!

This is a space for you to rest, and remember your true nature, a place of stillness to listen to the whispers of your heart.

Explore classes, programs, retreats, and trainings that Nourish the Soul.

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I'm a Tantra Yoga & Meditation Teacher

My specialty is bringing Rituals and Rest together. Through rituals, we move into a place of presence, devotion, and consistency. Through rest, we tap into deep stillness and surrender to the altar of our heart. This awakens us to the vibrancy within and in life. I offer Restorative Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Meditation, Energy Healing, and more.

Nature is my safe haven and greatest teacher. If I’m not hiking with my fur baby, making folk remedies, or drinking tea, I love to offer space for people to connect with nature in my retreats and workshops. In connecting with this land, we are shown the abundance and stillness around us.

I also incorporate Ayurveda (an ancient healing and living system). This powerful system brings us into greater alignment within and in our life – cultivating more vibrancy.

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Listen to the whispers of your heart

space for you to rest

Every pause is a spacious gateway of awareness. It can be in a moment of stillness, resting, observing the sacredness in nature, connecting with our breath, or through other wondrous rituals. “Every act done in the sunlight of awareness becomes sacred.” ~ Thich Nhat Hahn

events and retreats in nature called rooted in natura

Events and


These retreats offer you sacred space for deep rest, to connect with nature (in tea ceremony and making herbal medicine), and awaken the remembrance of your truest essence.

New Moon Yoga Nidra woman looking at full moon

New Moon & Full Moon

Moon Rituals

The New Moon is a magical time to connect with that which is sacred and set new intentions. We connect with ceremonial Cacao and drum on the Full Moon.

restorative and sound healing with tibetan bowl creating vibration and frequency

Restorative and

Sound Healing

Release tension, soften the edges in yourself and in life, and open up to new energy with Restorative Yoga. Energy Healing and Sound Healing are also incorporated in classes and workshops.

Listen to the whispers of your heart

Offerings for the soul

Being in a container of deep immersion in self-inquiry, studying, and community moves us through profound and lasting transformation.


Steeped in yogic traditions, finding optimal alignment for your body, and masterfully woven with ancient wisdom, these trainings give you the tools to sustain a deeply rooted spiritual practice.


Yoga teacher trainings mala beads and hands in prayer


online community with Shanine and Diana Rooted in Natura in meditation and contemplation


An online community anchored in yoga, meditation, ritual, and rest. Includes: meditation, tea ceremonies, Ayurveda workshops, and online courses.

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