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restorative yoga teacher training

This 65-hour training is deeply holistic in that we not only learn 20 key restorative poses, but we also look at all the elements that nourish you and your students into deeper states of relaxation. These include: exploring your relationship with rest, relaxation techniques, how touch can settle the body, the importance of sound and silence, the use of your voice, Ayurveda, a deep dive into the nervous system and its protection mechanism, the koshas, and trauma considerations. We also explore how stress affects the breath and learn breathing techniques that aid in rest. Learn more about Restorative Yoga.

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The training includes 4 weekends of in-person sessions, PLUS 2 self-paced online courses.


  1. Oakville Location – Inye Yoga
    – 2024 Dates: Sep 28-29, Oct 19-20, Nov 9-10, Nov 30-Dec 1
    – Times: 9:30 – 5:30 pm with 1 hour lunch
  2. Hamilton Location – Circle Studios
    – 2025 Dates: TBA


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The Brain & Nervous System Regulation
The Koshas & Gunas: Layers of Being

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Restorative Training Curriculum

Module 1: Foundations of Restorative Yoga

Explore what Restorative Yoga is, its benefits, lineage, and evolution. Yogic philosophy and texts related to restorative yoga are embodied. We’ll also begin to create space in our life for a daily ritual of rest.

Module 2: The Brain & Nervous System Regulation
(Self-paced Online)

Learn the basics of the nervous system, including the psoas, vagus nerve, and breath in relation to health and relaxation. Dive deep into the traditional wisdom of the mind, how we process information, and why rest is important.

Module 3: The Koshas and Gunas – Layers of Being
(Self-paced Online)

Take a journey into the 5 layers of Being, according to eastern philosophy, and how they play a role in rest: the body, energy, breath, emotions, and soul. These sessions include experiential learning. We also look at the gunas and how these interweave in life and our restorative practice.

Module 4: The Art of propping

Create a delicious Rest Nest. Explore 20 key restorative postures, their benefits, and propping techniques (your manual includes detailed pictures of all the variations). Learn to adapt and modify poses according to the student(s) level and circumstances, including the use of minimal or lots of props.

Module 5: Guiding into deeper states of relaxation

There’s an art in cueing deeper states of relaxation – through the use of specific words, our voice, touch (assisting), breath, relaxation techniques (such as a body scan), Yoga Nidra, and more. We explore and practice all of this as well as learn trauma-sensitive guidelines to help students feel safe. A highlight is that you get to enjoy a Restorative & Sound Healing Journey workshop. We explore the use of sound and silence for healing and relaxation. You will also receive Rooted in Natura tips in aiding in relaxation (teas, plants, and more). 

Module 6: The Art of teaching restorative yoga

There are certain pillars for teaching a restorative yoga class. We’ll sequence postures with an overall theme, learn the importance of timing poses well, and how to sequence for particular therapeutic effects (including the doshas). You will receive a class template to help in planning your restorative classes. Learn to demonstrate poses, observe students (giving verbal cues), and teach privately, as a group, and virtual considerations. We also explore the importance of having a personal rest practice.


What's included


five restorative classes

You will receive a 5-class pass, giving you access to weekly Restorative classes.


recorded practices & scripts

Two pre-recorded practices are available online to nourish yourself. Included are two scripts to guide students into relaxation.


MANUALS & mentorship

You will have the opportunity to assist classes and receive guidance. You will also receive 320-page manual.


Sound healing workshop

Included in your tuition is a Restorative & Sound Healing Journey. Experience vibration for relaxation and healing.

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Who this Program is for

The Restorative Training Is For you If…

Your Guides...

Bio picture of Shanine Dennill Restorative Yoga Teacher Training and Yoga Nidra Training

Shanine Dennill
Lead Trainer

Shanine is an E-RYT 500 and YACEP with the Yoga Alliance (having graduated from 3 trainings). She has received extensive training in Restorative Yoga, Yoga Nidra, and Meditation. She practices Tantra Yoga, is a Reiki practitioner, and is currently studying Ayurveda.

Bio Kathleen Aubry

Kathleen Aubry
The Brain & Nervous System Regulation

Kathleen has over 30 years of experience as a Registered Kinesiologist and received her C-IAYT. The combination of her Western studies in anatomy, physiology, and the science of human movement, as well has yoga gives her a unique approach.

bio picture of Preeti Berar sound healing for restorative yoga teacher training

Sound Healing

Preeti has been developing her skills in Energy Medicine for over 22 years. She started her career as an Esthetician, is a Reflexologist and Reiki Master. Preeti took her Sound Healing training in Guatemala, where she also learned to facilitate sacred Ceremonies.

payment plans

In-person (2 Payment options) + online Courses

In-Person Sessions (Payment is made through the studio)

Option One

$ 750+hst One payment
  • Includes downloadable manuals (320 pages total)
  • 10% discount off props
  • Access to online community
  • Other benefits listed above

Option Two

$ 215+hst Monthly (4 months)
  • Includes downloadable manuals (320 pages total)
  • 10% discount off props
  • Access to online community
  • Other benefits listed above
+ ONLINE Self-paced courses (please purchase both)

Brain & Nervous System regulation

$ 160 One payment (HST included)
  • Includes Downloadable Manual
  • Lifetime access and share with online community
  • Content updated regularly

The Koshas & Gunas: Layers of Being

$ 160 One payment (HST included)
  • Includes Downloadable Manual
  • Lifetime access and share with online community
  • Content updated regularly


This is mainly an in-person training so you can physically see and experience the poses. Teaching from an embodied place is essential in transmitting the richness of the practice. We will be in an intimate setting (limited to 12 students). The training is meant to be a space to learn but to also feel immense support and safety to rest for yourself. Some sections are online and can be completed at your own pace. Online sections are charged separately. To receive the full certificate, you will need to complete all sections (in-person and online) and homework assignments. You will be able to attend and assist restorative classes. A highlight of the training is attending the Restorative & Sound Healing Journey workshop (while you rest in poses, a guest instructor will use sound to add to your healing journey).

100% attendance is required for the in-person sessions as each section builds on the other. If you miss a session, you can book a private session to catch up. You’ll be charged an additional cost of $85 + HST per hour (if you missed 3–4 hours of work, this is usually covered in 1-2 hours). All online sessions can be completed at your own pace. To receive your certificate, all sessions must be completed within the year.

All the information you need will be in the manuals. We recommend a few books and the list is available on the Rooted in Natura online platform. However, these are not mandatory.

Books are recommended but not mandatory. You will receive access to 5 restorative classes during the training (free). You can print the manuals yourself or keep them digitally. If you wish for us to print them, there will be an additional $100 charge (roughly – you will be given receipts so you can write it off). If you do not have props, you will need to purchase them, however the studios do carry some props.

It’s highly recommended to take a 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training as the training will lend skills to knowing the Sanskrit and English names of poses, how to observe alignment in poses, how to teach, and other skills. However, it is still a beautiful training to add to your other trainings and field of interest. If you wish to chat with Shanine to see whether it’s a good fit, please send her an email: [email protected].

Yes. This practice is beautiful for you to integrate into your life. If you already teach, you learn other poses to help a student transition in life and who perhaps need more rest.

Yoga Alliance is a governing body that ensures certain standards of teaching requirements and training programs. Once you complete the program and receive your certificate, you may submit it directly to Yoga Alliance for continuing education credits of 65 hours.

You have 1 year from your first in-person start date. All self-paced online courses need to be completed within that year, including submitting the final quizzes.

You will need to attend all 4 in-person weekends at the studio you registered with. You will also need to complete and pass the practice teach. The 2 self-paced online courses must be completed within 1 year of registering for your training (this includes submitting the open-book quizzes).

Homework is kept to a minimum. You will receive a homework sheet after each weekend, which highlights the poses covered during the weekend so you can learn and and practice them. You will also be asked to review the material covered, and explore your relationship with rest and stillness.

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After exploring this page and viewing the information booklet, you may still have questions. You may also want to see if this program is right for you. Feel free to reach out to me.

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