Full Moon Cacao and Drumming Main Pic

An evening of Ritual

Full Moon Cacao & Drumming Ceremony

An evening of moving into the heart. Ceremonial Cacao moves us deep into our heart and opens a connection with ourselves, Life, Mother Earth, and others. Drumming moves us out of our head and into our heart. These two practices tap into the high creative energy of the Full Moon.

About the Full Moon Cacao & Drumming Ceremony

Drumming to the Heartbeat of our essence

Ceremonial Cacao is a powerful plant medicine for the heart. She imbues a peaceful yet purposeful, loving, compassionate energy for ourselves and others. She cultivates a deep connection with Life and Mother Earth, heightening our creativity and sense of connection. She can be a subtle and powerful force, offering us deep wisdom into our spiritual journey, purpose, and how to live with an open heart.

We use a ceremonial Cacao from Guatemala (a company founded by an indigenous Mayan mother), which contains a high concentration of joy-inducing compounds such as theobromine. This compound stimulates the cardiovascular system and gives you a warm and uplifting “hum”.

Cacao also contains compounds that stimulate serotonin to improve your mood, as well as containing potent antioxidants.

On a Full Moon (with heightened energy), the sacred evening starts with a meditation and connection with Cacao. We then move into drumming. Drumming is a beautiful way to move out of the mind and into the heart. A drum beat is similar to a heartbeat. The vibration only amplifies the effects of Cacao. Our collective energy with drumming expands our heart in community (feeling a part of something bigger). It lets us connect with creative energy. The evening ends in silence and self-reflection.

What to know


What to Bring

Workshop occurs on (or around) the Full Moon, except on a lunar eclipse.
– Your favourite mug
– A drum, shaker, or rainstick
– A journal and pen


Date and time

Next Workshop Date:
2024 TBA

7:00 – 8:30 pm ET



$45 + HST (CND)

Payment is made through Inye Yoga. 

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